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Go Green in Birmingham, AL

“Go green” is a term that’s gained a lot of popularity in recent years. But at Sullivan Service Co. and Sullivan Service Company, we’ve believed in being environmentally friendly long before it became a trend!

Birmingham-owned since 1959, we work hard to help customers throughout the area “go green,” if they haven’t already done so. We achieve this by maintaining membership with recycling programs, providing energy saving products like programmable thermostats, and engaging in eco-friendly business practices as a company.

Providing Special Thermostat Services

Through the HVAC industry thermostat–recycling program, we recycle mercury thermostats that we remove from older homes so that the mercury can be reused rather than released into a landfill to harm the soil, water supply, and wildlife in our communities. We are one of the few Birmingham, AL HVAC contractors to be a member of the Thermostat Recycling Corporation—contact us to learn about dropping your old mercury thermostat off at our office.

By upgrading to a programmable thermostat, you can help conserve energy without sacrificing even an ounce of home comfort. We offer various options for thermostats such as the Honeywell brand, the Focus Pro 6000, and more recently the NEST learning thermostat that takes programmability to next level by "learning" your lifestyle and adjusting itself accordingly.

Making Refrigerant Environmentally Friendly

For over two decades, we have been reclaiming refrigerant from older AC units, recycling, processing, and making it suitable for reuse. Releasing Freon (otherwise known as Dupont Chemical Refrigerant R–22) in the air is otherwise harmful to the Ozone layer.

R–22 is being phased out and since 2006 all air conditioners we sell use more environmentally friendly refrigerant, which is helping to improve our atmosphere’s Ozone layer. Sullivan Service Co. is proud to be part of the solution!

Installing Energy Efficient Equipment

High SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) air conditioners are a win–win for our customers and for the environment. Not only will it help you achieve greater efficiency and lower your energy bills, but Alabama Power produces less electricity, burns less gas, or burns less coal, meaning everyone benefits! You can save money with your heating bills too, as a high efficiency furnace or heat pump will have the same effect.

Check into government and local tax credits. Taxpayers who purchase energy efficiency HVAC systems help save money and save the planet, and as a result can often discover cost saving benefits through grants and reimbursements. Contact Sullivan Service Co. to learn about programs in the Birmingham area!

Following Good "Green Business" Practices

Our office is centrally located so that we are close to suppliers and every major highway in town. This is good for business, but even better for the environment, since:

  • Shorter driving times use less energy and create less pollution.
  • Interstate driving is more fuel efficient and helps to reduce pollution on city streets.
  • Computerized dispatch and close proximity to suppliers allows us to move our technicians very efficiently, which means a prompt response time for all of our customers.

Proudly Serving The Entire Greater Birmingham Area