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Birmingham, Alabama’s Commercial Service Experts

Commercial HVAC systems are massive and complex, designed to potentially keep hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people comfortable and healthy. Going without proper air conditioning, heating, or indoor air quality in a commercial property is out of the question, particularly with the weather conditions we experience here in Birmingham, AL.

Fortunately, you needn’t look very far for qualified commercial heating and cooling professionals. The team at Sullivan Service Co. is here to help! We provide quality installation, repairs, and maintenance for commercial HVAC systems of all types. Contact us today for timely, respectful, and local service—we are Birmingham-owned since 1959!

Our Commercial Products and Services

Sullivan Service Co. is a full–service HVAC and indoor air quality company. Our HVAC technicians have years of experience and training in servicing all sorts of various commercial systems. We can ensure that your commercial HVAC installation goes smoothly and safely. Plus, we’ll follow that up with routine system maintenance and, when needed, accurate repairs.

  • Air Conditioning: If you own a business or commercial property in Birmingham, AL or the surrounding communities, then you understand how essential it is to have a fully functional air conditioner in place. But your commercial AC system cannot be expected to perform at its best unless it’s professionally installed and serviced by HVAC technicians with specialized experience in the commercial sector.
  • Heating: Our temperatures may not dip as drastically low as they do in other parts of the country; however, the stark contrast between summer and winter certainly necessitates an efficient and effective heating system for your commercial space. Contact our team to discuss your commercial heating options.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps have grown in popularity in recent years, for good reason. They are efficient cooling systems, for one. But they also have a component called a reversing valve that allows them to switch direction and provide effective heating for your commercial space in the winter.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Most commercial buildings nowadays are constructed in such a way to allow for very efficient heating and cooling from your commercial HVAC systems. However, this can hurt your indoor air quality, which can be worse than the air quality outdoors. Ask about our various indoor air quality products and services.
  • Refrigeration: Purchasing a new fridge for your home is one thing, but the installation of a commercial refrigeration system is much more complex, and requires the skills and training that our staff possesses.

The Benefits of Rooftop Units

When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, you are likely most familiar with rooftop units. There’s a good reason these are so popular for commercial buildings in the Birmingham, AL area. First off, it’s location up on the roof of your commercial building helps protect not only the aesthetics of your property, but protects the system itself from damage that might happen on the ground.

Additionally, rooftop units save ground space that you can use for other important things, such as parking spaces. Lastly, rooftop units are easily accessible to our commercial HVAC technicians. This means that rather than interrupting your business day, we can respond to a call to conduct repairs or maintenance without bothering you, your employees, tenants, or guests at all.

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