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Commercial Air Conditioning for Your Business in Birmingham, AL

When summer hits the Birmingham, AL area, it’s hard enough to stay cool in our own homes, where we can open windows to let fresh air in and even take a cold shower to cool off if we want to turn the AC temperature up a bit. But a commercial building is different, and absolutely requires an efficient and effective cooling system to keep occupants comfortable.

To ensure that you have the right commercial air conditioner in place and that it will perform to the best of its ability, be sure to reach out to the HVAC technicians here at Sullivan Service Co.. Birmingham-owned since 1959, we have years of training and experience serving the needs of businesses locally and in the surrounding communities. Give our number a call today—we have someone on the line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if we can’t answer your questions right now, you can expect a prompt call back. You can always send us a message as well.

When to Call Us for Commercial Cooling Services

If you’re looking to upgrade your current commercial air conditioner or are wondering what your options are, then give our team a call. Commercial buildings these days are designed to be as airtight as possible, to allow for maximum energy efficiency. This can’t happen if your commercial air conditioner is installed by an amateur or inexperienced handyman.

When you do have the right commercial cooling system in place—properly sized and matched for your specific commercial space—you’ll want to follow up with routine professional maintenance so that it runs at its best for the years to come. Maintenance should be scheduled once a year for your commercial air conditioner, if you have any hope of it maintaining its efficiency throughout its lifespan.

Do You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repair?

During your maintenance appointment, our HVAC technicians will make any adjustments necessary to your commercial air conditioner, they will thoroughly clean and inspect the system, and they’ll alert you to any repair needs that might exist. It’s imperative that you call for repairs right away if the latter occurs.

This way, our professionals can find, diagnose, and fix the issue before it causes further damage and/or causes a severe business interruption for your commercial space. Air conditioning problems, whether they are residential or commercial, are progressive. That means a small commercial air conditioning repair now, if left unaddressed, can turn into a huge emergency later on.

Our Team Provides a Full Range of Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Not all HVAC companies service commercial air conditioners. Sometimes the reason for this is because it requires extra equipment, training, and expertise that residential–only HVAC technicians simply do not have. With Sullivan Service Co., however, your commercial space will receive the same level of service as any residential building.

Contact us today to learn more about your commercial air conditioning options, ask us about the space and energy–saving rooftop units, or to find out about the other commercial HVAC services we provide. We are standing by and ready to help!

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