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Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Office or Commercial Space in Birmingham, AL

Modern commercial buildings are constructed to be as airtight as possible. This is intentional, as it allows for efficient heating and cooling throughout the year, easing the load on the commercial HVAC systems you have in place. Unfortunately, this can make maintaining good indoor air quality a challenge, especially since indoor air quality is naturally worse than the quality of the air outdoors in Birmingham, AL.

The good news is nobody has to suffer. Your employees, customers, tenants, and/or guests can still be comfortable and healthy no matter what the air quality outdoors is. That’s because at Sullivan Service Co. we install and service a number of different indoor air quality products to improve the air you breathe in your commercial space. We understand the unique needs of local businesses and commercial spaces, too! After all, we are Birmingham-owned since 1959. Contact us today!

Does the Indoor Air Quality in your Commercial Space Need Improvement?

Sure, the air in your commercial building may seem clean enough, but that doesn’t mean that it is. At any given point, there are millions of microscopic airborne contaminants floating around your business or commercial property. This can include dust, dirt, pollen, dander, viruses, bacteria, or even mold spores.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to these contaminants can make even the healthiest person ill. You may see a spike in allergy attacks, asthma symptoms, and even the cold or flu. Contaminants get trapped in commercial buildings, making them uncomfortable and unhealthy, no matter how good your HVAC systems are.

Allergens and particles aren’t the only threats, either. You also want to think about humidity. High humidity can cause mold development and subsequent health issues, while humidity that is too low can make you and your occupants more susceptible to illness. Reach out to our team ASAP to see what indoor air quality products are best for you.

Tackling Your Indoor Air Opportunities

There are a number of factors that can degrade the quality of the indoor air in your commercial space. There are also a number of products that can help. The commercial indoor air quality products we install and service include:

  • Air Filtration Systems: Many business or commercial property owners believe that the air filter that comes standard with their HVAC systems is enough to protect the indoor air from contaminants. But that filter is there to protect the inside of the HVAC system itself. For your air quality, you need a high efficiency air filtration system. Fortunately for you, Sullivan Service Co. has extensive experience with these systems and we install and service filters of all sizes and shapes, to meet the diverse needs of commercial buildings throughout the Birmingham, AL area.
  • Air Purifiers: Air purifiers come in a few different forms. An ionic or mechanical air cleaner will work to remove particles that are already present in the air, while a UV air purifier will effectively eliminate bacterial particles in your ductwork before they even have a chance to infiltrate your business or commercial space.
  • Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers: You’re already familiar with how uncomfortable high humidity can make you feel. But did you know it’s also bad for your commercial property, and the health of its occupants? High humidity causes mold development, which can lead to serious illnesses. It’s not much better when air is too dry, either. Your relative humidity levels should be between 30%–50%.

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