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Whole House Humidifier Solutions in Birmingham, AL

Not many homeowners in Birmingham, AL realize why unbalanced humidity is such a problem for their homes. Or, if they do, they only think about when the air is too humid, without thinking about the problems that dry air causes. When air is too dry (the relative humidity level is 30% or below) it can cause problems for your physical property and can cause health issues for your household.

Fortunately, the team here at Sullivan Service Co. understands the unique indoor air quality needs of residents throughout our community. After all, we are Birmingham-owned since 1959! Contact us today to learn more about whole-house humidifiers, and if it can help not only keep you comfortable as possible, but save you money too.

The Problem with Dry Indoor Air

Low moisture levels in the air allow for heat to escape faster from the human body. When this is coupled with the cooler temperatures of winter, it can make anyone feel pretty miserable. But feeling uncomfortable is just the start of it.

Moisture loss has a bigger impact on our bodies than you may realize, leading to things like skin cracking, chapped lips, and eye and nose irritation. It dries up sinuses and membranes too, effectively lowering your immunity and therefore making it easier for illness to spread around your home. The loss of moisture also has a negative effect on home furnishings, especially wood furniture, precision instruments, and wallpaper, which can all begin cracking if humidity levels are too low.

The Benefits of a Whole–House Humidifier

Most of the above–mentioned problems can be stopped with the installation of a whole–house humidifier. We do recommend a whole–house system, as this is the best humidifier to get versus a portable system. A whole–house humidifier will grant you:

  • Energy Savings: When you need to run your heating system to keep comfortable, you shouldn’t have to overuse it. A humidifier adds needed moisture to the air, helping you and your family feel warmer, faster, and allowing you to use your heater less, or at least turn the temperature down a few degrees.
  • Better Health: Without dried sinuses, members of your household won’t be as susceptible to illnesses such as the cold, flu, and other maladies.
  • Property Protection: Whole–house humidifiers help protect the wood and paint throughout your home from cracking and chipping, and help protect wood furnishings too.

We Provide Comprehensive Humidifier Services

When you call on Sullivan Service Co. for humidifier installation, or to replace your older humidifier, we’ll be sure to match your household with a system that will do the best job possible, and we’ll also let you know if any other indoor air quality products may be worth your attention. It’s vital that you only trust professionals for this type of installation, since you don’t want to end up with a humidifier that works ineffectively, or doesn’t work at all.

Should you ever run into a problem with your humidifier, though, you can count on us to effectively repair it. We provide comprehensive maintenance services in addition to repair services, and when you call our number you’ll always be put in touch with a live person. Call for your humidifier services today!

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