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The Comfort Zone Maintenance Service Agreement

Some homeowners mistakenly assume that maintenance is nothing more than a “luxury” service—not a service that they actually need for their HVAC and indoor air quality products. On the contrary, maintenance is a preventive step toward ensuring that your systems stay up and running for as long as possible and as effectively as possible.

Sullivan Service Co. is Birmingham-owned since 1959, and aware of the unique needs and circumstances of customers in our area. We want to keep your systems performing well, which is why we offer the Comfort Zone Service Agreement.

Schedule Comfort Zone Priority Service

Our maintenance program is comprehensive, providing you with reliable, comfortable heating and cooling. At Sullivan Service Co., we believe that having your HVAC system checked twice a year is as important as changing the oil in your car. With routine maintenance, you will:

  • Double the lifespan of your residential heating and cooling systems.
  • Improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems.
  • Benefit from lower utility bills, fewer breakdowns, and equipment discounts.

Best of all, when you’re a member of the Comfort Zone maintenance plan, you’ll receive priority service, and, as always, your service call will be scheduled at your convenience.

Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement

As a Comfort Zone member, your Sullivan Service Co. HVAC technician will visit your home two times a year to conduct a 13–point heating system and cooling system analysis. Your personal technician will change filters and add lubrication as needed, while conducting a comprehensive examination of your home and equipment. Our comprehensive maintenance program ensures that you have:

  • Security
    • Your HVAC systems will operate at full power no matter how hot or cold it is outside.
    • Repairs will be quick and efficient. We respect your time just as we would our own Mothers’!
  • Savings
    • Properly tuned–up equipment uses less energy, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.
    • A well–maintained system lasts longer, giving it a longer service life.
  • Safety
    • Our 13–point inspection is designed to identify and eliminate hazards in your home, which include but are not limited to checking gas lines and fittings, electrical connections, furnace venting, and carbon monoxide levels.
    • We check for potential sources of mold in your AC system and condensate drain and chemically treat them to eliminate organic growth.

Give us a call at the number listed above or send us a message to schedule your first Comfort Zone inspection!

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