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HVAC Specialists in Birmingham, AL

When you are looking for a customer-centered company to serve your HVAC, and related needs, G/S is the company to call! In 2001, Gas Engineers and Sullivan Service Company merged.  The combined company  brings over 50 years of experience servicing residential and commercial customers throughout Birmingham, AL.

Our HVAC technicians have built a reputation as reliable and highly competent contractors, and when you call us, your call is answered by a live person, no matter what time of day it is. If you have a question we can’t answer right away, we will always get back to you with a response. We’ve structured our company from top to bottom to serve the customer—we respect your time and your business, and we take pride in being Birmingham-owned since 1959. Contact us today to learn about our exceptional services!

Your HVAC System Options

Most homeowners throughout Birmingham are already familiar with the standard traditional central air conditioning system and central furnace. Today’s HVAC units are built with efficiency and safety in mind, and these are both excellent system options. But they are not your only options! We install and service:

Be sure to reach out to our team any time of day or night, and you’ll receive a call back shortly to discuss the various options available to you. Sullivan Service Co. also offers superior indoor air quality products and services, such as:

Contact us to learn more about your various options, and know that when you hire our team for the job, you can count on us respecting your home just as we would our own Mother’s!

We Provide New Construction HVAC Services

It goes without saying that the HVAC system in any given building is a source of basic comfort for building occupants and visitors. These systems are complex, though, and most standard construction companies don’t actually know much about them.

So when you are having a new home or property constructed in the Birmingham area, you want a team on your side that will assist you in making the right decisions, from correct system size to the right efficiency rating. We’ll stick with you through the entire construction process to ensure 100% customer satisfaction!

Don’t Let Faulty Ductwork Affect Your Comfort

Your air ducts are typically installed out of sight, in your walls or within crawlspaces. This makes it difficult to detect when your ductwork is damaged or breached. Unfortunately, air lost through damaged ductwork can account for about 30% of your total energy usage, meaning you are paying for conditioned air that’s never making it into your living space.

Signs that you might need ductwork services include noisy ductwork and poor HVAC efficiency. Your air ducts make a little noise anyway, with the fluctuation of temperatures, but they shouldn’t be rattling or hissing. And if you notice your heating or cooling bills are rising despite comparable use, faulty ductwork can certainly be to blame.

We Service Unique Spaces

There are some areas in a home or a business that require a little extra training and knowledge to understand just how to keep the space as comfortable as possible. At Sullivan Service Co., we have expertise in conditioning these difficult areas, which include:

  • Basements
  • Computer Rooms
  • Bonus Rooms

Each of these areas comes with unique challenges when it comes to cooling and heating, in addition to maintaining proper humidity levels and high air quality.

Proudly Serving The Entire Greater Birmingham Area