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We’ll Handle Your Gas Piping in Birmingham, AL

Sullivan Service Co. is a Spire Certified Gas Contractor. That means that our staff has undergone extensive training as well as the required testing and licensing for the state of Alabama to be able to perform gas piping and other natural gas-related services. These jobs should only ever be performed by experienced professionals. It’s both the law, and for your safety.

We offer a number of products and services for whatever those needs are. Additionally, we’re Birmingham-owned since 1959, and more than familiar with the unique needs of residential and commercial spaces throughout the communities we serve. Give us a call today or request an estimate and let’s discuss your natural gas piping needs.

Is Natural Gas the Right Choice?

For a number of homes, yes, it is. Natural gas is a fossil fuel; however it burns relatively cleanly in comparison to other fossil fuels, like oil. It’s also quite affordable in comparison, and is piped directly into your home.

But to remain safe and for your gas lines and gas–powered appliances to last as long as possible, you need exceptional natural gas piping services in Birmingham, AL. Whether you’re using a gas–powered furnace to heat your home or a stovetop to cook food, the gas lines throughout your property must be well–designed and in good working order.

Ask Us about Our Numerous Gas Piping Products

We offer a wide variety of natural gas piping products and services to meet all of your home needs. These include:

  • Flexible Gas Lines: When properly installed, flexible gas lines provide a safe and effective means for gas piping in areas that may be harder to access or make room for inflexible piping. This can include things like barbeque outdoor grills and gas ranges.
  • Grilles and Registers: We have a wide selection of grilles and registers for your gas powered appliances and equipment. From wall grilles to floor furnace grilles, you’re sure to find what works for your space. Our products are offered in odd sizes, and in various materials including, decorative metal, wrought iron, and aluminum. We also provide wood filter grilles.
  • Ranges: Most modern homes are equipped with stoves connected to stovetops, which would be an oven. But although all ovens are stoves, not all stoves are ovens—when you have a stovetop with its own fuel source, it’s called a range. Unsure if a range is right for your home? Give our team a call any time and we’ll be happy to discuss your options or have one of our technicians reach out to ASAP.
  • Gas Logs: Wood–burning fireplaces are nice, but they can certainly be a mess to clean up after and maintain. Plus, it’s not always convenient to collect firewood! Gas logs provide convenience in addition to a cozy glow of a fire that you can turn off at any given moment.
  • Gas Lamps: Gas lamps offer soft light and low environmental impact to provide a gentle ambience outside of your home. This is an excellent lighting option to help you save energy and money.

Call the Pros for Your Gas Piping Needs

As we mentioned above, it’s not only safer to hire a professional for gas line installation and service, it’s the law. Additionally, however, hiring a professional allows you the opportunity to ensure that your current and future gas lines are safe and operational.

Our team conducts what’s called a pressure test, or pressure drop test, to ensure your piping isn’t experiencing any gas leaks. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous at their worst, and unhealthy even if minor. They are nothing to mess with, so if you suspect you have a gas leak be sure to call your utility company’s emergency line or 911. And contact Sullivan Service Co. for reliable gas line installation and services!

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