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Shopping For Dual Fuel Systems in Birmingham, AL?

You may already be aware of how efficient heat pumps are. They’re well known for their ability to provide both heating and cooling functions, and many homeowners in the Birmingham, AL area have them installed for exactly that reason. But, there are some limitations to their abilities. Most heat pumps are air-source, for instance, which means they siphon thermal energy from the air outdoors for use in heating the home.

Therefore, they struggle when temperatures drop below a certain point, causing the efficiency of the heat pump to drop, too. There’s a solution, however! Contact Sullivan Service Co. today and ask us about the hybrid heat dual fuel system. Birmingham-owned since 1959, we offer a wide range of dual fuel services throughout the area, and we’re 100% committed to your comfort and satisfaction. We sell used equipment for your savings and convenience as well! Give us a call or send a message to learn more.

How Does a Dual Fuel System Work?

Also referred to as a dual fuel heat pump, this is a combination of heating systems. Essentially, it is a heat pump combined with a gas furnace system. Most of the time, the heat pump side of the system effectively cools and heats the home as necessary.

However, when temperatures outside drop very low—too low for the heat pump to continue working as effectively or efficiently as it should—the furnace part of the system activates in order to keep your home warm. This enables your household to have the most efficient heating solution available to it at all times, no matter the weather outside.

Take Advantage of Dual Fuel Heating

The main reason homeowners throughout the Birmingham, AL area have heat pumps installed is due to their versatility. They make very efficient air conditioners, and since our winters are comparatively mild to other parts of the country, they make the perfect heating system, too. Heat pumps do not burn fuel to generate heat. Instead, they use refrigerant to transfer heat. This makes them more efficient than the standard furnace. However, there are times during our winters that temperatures drop below a certain point, and the heat pump begins to lose its efficiency.

This is what makes the hybrid heat dual fuel system such an optimal choice. The gas furnace portion of this system may still be less efficient than the heat pump on its own, but since they alternate operations automatically so that the most efficient one is always running, the system ends up balancing out. If you struggle to get your heat pump to work effectively during the colder nights we experience during winter, or you want to consistently save money on heating, then we urge you to consider the dual fuel system.

We Provide Complete Dual Fuel Services

The installation of a dual fuel heat pump is something that should only ever be done by the professionals. Actually, to be honest, any heating system installation should be done by professionals, especially if gas piping is involved, for your safety and the protection. Dual fuel systems require a special setup, but fortunately our HVAC technicians are very well equipped and trained to perform this service.

And to keep your dual fuel system in the best shape possible, be sure to schedule routine maintenance through our Comfort Zone Service Agreement twice a year. Normally, a standard cooling system or heating system would only require maintenance once a year, but since the heat pump portion of this system is used all year, biannual maintenance is needed. Be sure to call our team for repairs as soon as you notice a problem as this will keep your dual fuel system working well for the years to come!

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