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Commercial Refrigeration Services in Birmingham, AL

Whether you run a convenience store to supply the local community with fresh and frozen food products or you’re operating a large restaurant that requires a large walk-in cooling unit, you need a reliable company to set up your commercial refrigeration system. You needn’t look any further than Sullivan Service Co.! Birmingham-owned since 1959, we are the commercial refrigeration experts you can trust.

We install, replace, maintain, and repair a wide variety of equipment, including ice machines, walk-in coolers, and even wine cellars. Let our highly trained and experienced technicians know what you need so we can deliver the exceptional customer service that’s kept us in business all these years. Contact our team today.

Your Commercial Refrigeration Options

The world of commercial refrigeration provides a wide range of different equipment, many of which are tailor–made for your specific commercial space. Our refrigeration technicians are here to help, whether you need a new ice machine or a large commercial walk–in cooler. Tell us what it is you’re looking for and we can surely help!

  • Ice Machines: These are seen in a number of different commercial spaces. They’re present in hospitals, gyms, restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. We provide a wide range of ice machines for spaces of all sizes and layouts. We understand your business or commercial property has very specific needs, and we are here to provide you with a reliable and professional installation, so you can count on an ice machine that works whenever you need it.
  • Walk–In Coolers: Most often seen in grocery stores, large restaurants, and food manufacturing spaces, in addition to storage facilities, walk–in cooler installation and services require the work of a trained and experience professional. That’s what you get with our team! We’ll make sure your walk–in cooler is properly fitted to the unique needs of your space, and follow that up with maintenance and quality repairs when needed.
  • Convenience Stores: With the wide range of food products and beverages that are sold at convenience stores, you may have multiple different temperature and service needs throughout the location. For instance, you may have a cooler for liquor, one for food, and an ice machine for drinks. These will all require professional installation and different types of services to keep them working as well as they should. Whatever your convenience store needs may be, we’re here to help!

Contact Us for Reliable Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance

Professional installation is just the beginning when it comes to commercial refrigeration services that will be a boon to your business. You need a team that can provide excellent repair and maintenance services on top of that.

Whether you suspect something is amiss with your commercial refrigeration equipment or you’re sure that it’s not working as it should—perhaps it even broke down—we can provide a solution. Be sure to keep your commercial refrigeration equipment regularly maintained by a professional so that you can avoid problems. Call Sullivan Service Co. today to schedule commercial refrigeration services with our trained and experienced technicians!

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