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Commercial Heat Pumps in Birmingham, AL

When it comes to residential locations and smaller businesses, most get by very comfortably using a central air conditioner for their cooling needs and a furnace for heating. These are both excellent choices, but for larger commercial spaces they might not be the most practical due to the high energy usage and larger power demand.

This is where a commercial heat pump comes in. Commercial heat pumps are two-in-one systems that save both space and energy. When you’re looking for a local company to complete the installation and other commercial heat pump services, Sullivan Service Co. is the one to call. We’re Birmingham-owned since 1959 and familiar with the unique needs of commercial businesses and buildings in our area - ask about our used equipment sales too! Contact us today.

What Is a Commercial Heat Pump?

A heat pump system is essentially set up like a standard air conditioner, except for one very important difference. While it provides very efficient and effective cooling during the summer, it has a component called the reversing valve that enables the refrigerant process to switch directions. This means that during the winter, you can use your commercial heat pump to heat your business or property as well.

Very little energy is used in this process, since it utilizes the transfer of heat versus the generation of heat. This makes heat pumps an excellent choice for commercial spaces of all sizes. This ensures that your employees, tenants, customers, or guests will be comfortable all year–round, no matter when they visit your location.

Turn to Our Team for Extensive Commercial Heat Pump Services

In order for your commercial heat pump to work as efficiently and effectively as it should for as long as it should, it’s imperative that you have it professionally installed. And not just any HVAC contractor will do. While a company may be very skilled at installing and servicing residential systems, commercial buildings are understandably much larger, with more complex needs.

For this reason you should only trust HVAC technicians with skills and experience in the commercial sector for heat pump installation. Professional installation is just the beginning, though. To keep your commercial heat pump performing well, you’ll want to schedule biannual maintenance for the system. This preventive maintenance allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your system while alerting you to any repair needs so you can have those taken care of right away.

Does Your Commercial Heat Pump Need Repair?

Having your commercial heat pump regularly maintained through our Comfort Zone Service Agreement is a great first step. But no matter how diligently you care for this system, at some time or another it will need repairs. This is the nature of any mechanical system.

Fortunately, you can rely on our professional heat pump repair technicians to get your system back on track, minimizing any business interruption that might occur in the system’s downtime. Give us a call any time for any commercial heat pump concerns or questions you may have. If we can’t answer your question right away, we’ll ensure your call is returned as soon as possible!

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