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Heating, Cooling, Wine Cellars | Birmingham, AL


Wine Cellars in Birmingham, AL

You have built a nice collection of wine and want to house it in ideal conditions. Sullivan Service Co.  has been in the business of creating wine-friendly conditions in some of Birmingham's finest cellars.  Since 1999 we have been servicing wine cellars and installing wine cellars in the greater Birmingham metro area.  Our first award, “Best in Show”, came in 2006 at the Birmingham Home-builders Parade of Homes.  Designing and installing the proper sized equipment requires more than just knowing the square footage of the space.  We consult with you on the design and construction of the space and even help with placement and sizes of shelving.  Use the experience of Sullivan Service Co. to get the wine cellar you deserve.

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Proper Wine Storage

A wonderful place to store your wine is in a French cave deep underground.  If that is not an option for you we can help create the same conditions in the space you do have.  For proper aging and storage your wine should be in stable conditions with temperature cooler than 60 degrees and no greater than 60% humidity (of course reds like it a little warmer and whites, cooler).  Decades of experience uniquely qualify us to achieve this environment for your wine. Call today and we can help.

Turn to Our Team for Expert Wine Cellar Installation

We can achieve that, "French cave" in your basement.  We factor in the unique conditions of your space, Alabama environment, and the construction details of your cellar and then calculate the proper equipment for you.  Installation is done in partnership.  We rely on you to share the specifics of how the space is to be used, construction methods (if already built), and desired appearance.  Then we can design a system that looks and works the way you envision.  Once we install your cellar our familiarity with your system help us to reliably maintain it well into the future.

Do You Need Wine Cellar Services?

You will need wine cellar installation and services in the Birmingham, AL area only if you have a wine cellar.  Would trust your wine to the company who has serviced and installed a greater number than all others combined or the AC guy who "think I can do it"?  If you desire precise temperature and humidity control, and reliable operation trust the long history established by Sullivan Service Co. to maintain your fine wines. 

Technicians are on call for speedy service whenever you need it.  For existing cellars we offer wine cellar specific maintenance, targeted semi–annual visits keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently.  Contact our team day or night for both repairs and regular maintenance.

Proudly Serving The Entire Greater Birmingham Area