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How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your AC

You’ve put your air conditioner to good use this summer. If you noticed any peculiarities in your system this past season, it might be an indication that it’s time to switch your old unit for a new one. Homeowners often hold on to their old AC units until they’re barely functional because they fear the daunting cost of new air conditioning installation. The cost of a new unit is often less expensive over time than continually operating an old air conditioning unit. If you need impeccable air conditioning installation in Birmingham, AL, contact our team at Gas Engineers today.

The Warning Signs

Your central air conditioner is supposed to last you anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If you maintain your system well, it will be closer to the 15-year mark and if you scrape by each year without the necessary maintenance, it’s more likely that it will be closer to the 10-year mark.  Here are some telltale warning signs that your air conditioning system needs replacing.

You Need Frequent Repairs

If you dread the time of year where our mild springs turn into hot Birmingham summers because AC repairs seem inevitable, it might be a sign that your system is giving out. You shouldn’t have a major repair to perform each summer. A system performing up to par should be able to withstand cooling your home during hot weather. You should only need repairs to your system once every few years. If the need arises more often than this, it’s causing lots of stress on your system and shortening its lifespan.

Your System is Old

As stated above, every system has its estimated lifespan and trying to make your system last past this date isn’t wise. If your unit is older than the age of 10 and suffering from constant repairs and malfunctions, it’s time to replace. Don’t wait until the system completely fails to think about replacing it, be proactive and start shopping around now.

You’re Paying Higher Bills

As your system ages and the various components that help it run begin to wear out, the system’s efficiency drops. When the efficiency drops, the unit must work harder and for a longer time to make your home comfortable. This is a waste of energy that negatively affects the environment and unnecessarily depletes your wallet too. To see a clear illustration of the toll an inefficient system takes on your wallet, compare your energy bills from this summer and previous summers. If you have higher cooling bills but no drastic changes in your cooling habits, it’s time to replace.

Let Us Help You Get the Perfect Central AC Unit

Our team at Gas Engineers understands the unique requirements of Birmingham homes and can fit you with the right air conditioner for your space. We also have the best HVAC technicians to install your new central AC unit for you. At Gas Engineers, we’re a customer oriented, Birmingham-owned business that’s been in operation since 1959. You can trust us with all your AC needs.

Fall is the perfect time to swap out your old unit with a new one. Contact us to schedule a service today.

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