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Could You Use Heater Maintenance?

We’re in what’s called a “shoulder season,” which means that HVAC technicians like us are biding our time, preparing for the surge of AC calls we’ll get in the summer. Then, when the fall comes, we’ll have to do the same thing for your heater. However, the most important thing to look at during these times, since we’re not using our systems so heavily, is how you can prepare them for the seasons to come.

Have you ever gotten heater maintenance in Pelham, AL? Regardless of whether you have or not, since you’re probably in the process of winding your heater down for the year, it’s a really good idea to take a good hard look at the system and see what you can do to keep it running in the future.

So, let’s talk about some of the benefits that come with heater maintenance and how they can help you.

The Benefits of Heater Maintenance

In order to sell you on the idea of heater maintenance, we’re going to have to talk about what benefits come from a service like this. So, look below and hopefully one of these peaks your interest!

  • Energy Savings. Saving energy is a huge factor in deciding when to replace or repair a heater, mainly because the more energy the system consumes, the more money you have to spend. So, by utilizing maintenance, you can increase the efficiency of your heater and decrease the amount of energy it consumes. Don’t believe us? Maintenance is tried and tested to provide these benefits.
  • Improved Comfort. When you sign up for heater maintenance, you’re also letting a professional technician make some minor tweaks and adjustments to allow the system to heat your home better. Whether it’s replacing a belt, tightening a few screws, or lubricating a ball bearing, these improvements can help your home feel more comfortable.
  • Extended Lifespan. Everyone wants their heater to last as long as possible, especially well into the second decade of their ownership. However, you’re never going to reach this point without routine maintenance once a year. Maintenance is proven to extend the lifespan of your heating system, giving you the go-ahead every year by a professional technician that there’s nothing wrong with it.
  • Safety. For those of us with a gas furnace, making sure your system runs safely is paramount to any other issue. If your carbon monoxide alarm is constantly going off, or you think your heater might have a cracked heat exchanger, you’re going to need repairs. Sometimes homeowners don’t even know they need repairs, so maintenance is a great way to ensure safety by having a professional check the system once a year. Doesn’t it feel better having a pro tell you that your system is running safely, instead of just guessing?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that heater maintenance is optional. While it’s offered as a separate service, it really is integral to the functionality of your system. Plus, it even is required if you’ve got a heater warranty that you’re trying not to void!

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