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6 Signs You Need Serious Furnace Repair

Furnaces are integral to our way of life down here. It might not get that cold here in Mountain Brook but it’s definitely cold enough sometimes to make you wish you had a functioning furnace.

We talk a lot about furnace maintenance on this blog but today we’d like to give some signs that might signal your furnace needs repairs. Repairs are different from maintenance because they’re often out of the blue and not something that can be scheduled yearly. However, scheduling repairs when you notice something wrong is a necessary part of owning a functional heating system.

Before you call us for furnace repair in Mountain Brook, AL we’re going to talk about the major signs that could help you realize what’s wrong with your system. We want to inform you as much as possible to make sure that you know just how serious furnace repair can be when it’s neglected.

Signs of a Failing Furnace

A furnace that’s having trouble might not be the most obvious thing in the world, but we can give you some unique aspects to look for that might signal that your furnace is failing. Don’t panic if any of these points sound familiar to you, contact a trustworthy HVAC technician to help you discuss what needs to be done.

  • Dust. If you’re noticing that your furnace is incredibly dusty, clean it off and try to keep the area around it as clean as possible. Not only will dust clog up your furnace’s air filter and duct system, but it’s also a fire hazard if you’re the owner of a gas-powered furnace.
  • Age. An older furnace is going to require more repairs than a younger one, that’s just a fact of life. While you might have been lucky for the past couple of years with minimal repairs being needed, if your system is 15-20 years old—brace yourself for some repairs and eventually a replacement when you’re ready.
  • Yellow Pilot Light. This is an important one. A yellow pilot light in your gas furnace could be a signal that carbon monoxide is leaking from the heat exchanger. A pilot light should be a mostly blue flame that doesn’t flicker. Contact a professional immediately if you notice a yellow pilot light in your furnace.
  • Noises. Furnaces should only be making the noise of gently blowing air through your air vents. Any banging, clanging, rattling, or booming is not normal and should be checked out as soon as possible!
  • Increased Heating Bills. Your heating bills should be relatively similar to your bills from the past few years. Also, compare your bills to your neighbor’s heating bills. If you’re noticing a trend that your heating bills are higher every year and worse than your neighbor’s, then you’ve got a serious problem with your furnace.
  • Cold Air. If you’re still shivering no matter what temperature you set on your thermostat, you’ve got a problem with your furnace that requires repairing.

Do any of these sound familiar? They do? Don’t hesitate to call our team for responsible and affordable furnace repair.

Contact Sullivan Service Co today for fast and friendly furnace repair services.

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