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How Heating Maintenance Can Lower Your Heating Bill

Heating maintenance is one of the many handy things that we mention to new customers when they’re looking to do something about high heating bills. Unfortunately, the price of fuel doesn’t seem to be getting any lower, which means if your heating system isn’t up to the task of keeping your home cool by using as little fuel as possible—your wallet is in big trouble.

That’s exactly why heating maintenance in Hoover, AL can make all the difference in keeping you and your family ahead of the curve. Quality maintenance by a trained professional can keep your system up to warranty standards, give you ample time to schedule repairs, and increase the efficiency which will inevitably lower your heating bill.

Sound like a good idea? We thought so too, keep reading and we’ll explain just why maintenance is so important.

Warranty Specifications

Did you know that your heater’s warranty most likely includes yearly heating maintenance? Well, if you didn’t know before, now you know! In order for your warranty to not be void, you’ll need a professional technician to perform a tune-up every year.

This is because the liability is just too high for systems without maintenance. Routine service is just that important to a heater that even manufacturers don’t like guaranteeing their parts if they know they’ll be neglected. If a manufacturer knows that their part is being taken care of regularly, then insuring the unit with a warranty makes a lot more sense.

Efficiency Standards

Heater models get more and more efficient each year, with new ones using state-of-the-art technology to produce heat. If you’ve ever looked at the efficiency ratio of a heater from 40 years ago compared to the AFUE rating of a heater today, the difference is stark, to say the least. However, that being said, nobody can afford to buy a new heater every year to keep up with efficiency standards.

Heater maintenance will keep your heater running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, which means the next closest thing to have a brand new heater. Sometimes a technician will be able to install a new component that is comprised of a longer-lasting material or run a test that has gotten more accurate in the past couple years, leading to small and incremental changes in your heater’s efficiency.

So, how does this save you money? Every repair, upgrade, or update to your heating system will mean your heating bill will be lowered by a little bit. Those little bits add up into one big bit!


Heaters often involve combustion (with gas furnaces or boilers), electrical use, pipeworks, or some combination of those. With combustion, electricity, and pipes, lie the effects of failure and sometimes that includes a safety hazard. Whether its a gas leak from your cracked furnace, a burning smell from your heat pump’s electrical system, or mold growth from your leaking boiler, poorly maintained heaters can quickly grow into a safety hazard that should never be ignored.

With so much riding on the line, our expert opinion is to call a professional and join the Comfort Zone at Sullivan Service Co. Give us a call today!

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