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Could You Use a Smart Thermostat?

When we say “use” a smart thermostat, what we’re really asking is if a smart thermostat will save you money and provide convenience for your home. Smart thermostats are an incredibly economical and convenient way to pay closer attention to the energy you consume from your HVAC system and curb your heating or cooling habits for the future. Since these systems are often so affordable, the real question becomes whether or not the purchase is worth it.

Depending on your home or HVAC system, the purchase of a smart thermostat can absolutely be worth the investment. We’re going to use this time to talk a bit about what it means to purchase a smart thermostat in Birmingham, AL and what you could hope to expect from such a purchase.

Whether you’re in this for convenience or increased system efficiency, we’ll walk you through what to prepare for.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

If you’re a homeowner in our area, there’s a good chance that you’re scratching your head every time we say “smart thermostat.” How is your analog or simple thermostat not already smart?

Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than that. A smart thermostat, often called a Wi-Fi thermostat if it’s connected via a wireless network, is considered “smart” because it’s not just limited at conveying temperature changes to your HVAC system or listing your current comfort level for a curious homeowner. Smart thermostats allow you to create automatic and programmable temperature settings that can also be dependent on things like your schedule, weather, and your efficiency needs.

Basically, a smart thermostat is a computer that can help calculate and curb your HVAC habits!

How Can It Help?

Well, a smart thermostat isn’t just a tool to curb your HVAC habits, it also is an incredibly convenient piece of equipment that can directly make your life easier.

  • Temperature control from anywhere. A Wi-Fi thermostat can be used conveniently from your smartphone or tablet computer. What this means, is that you can turn on your heating or air conditioning when you’re about to leave work or update your HVAC system while you’re on vacation, as long as you have a network connection!
  • Running reports. Have you ever been curious about how much energy your heating or cooling system is consuming to keep your home warm? How about what temperature your home can most efficiently be kept comfortable while you’re not there? When you run reports on a smart thermostat, that’s exactly the kind of information you will get. Knowledge is power, and with a smart thermostat, you’ve got a plethora of knowledge at your disposal!
  • Programmable behavior. If you notice certain heating or cooling trends during specific weather conditions, you can condition your smart thermostat to function in a programmable way to deal with them. If temperatures skyrocket during the middle of the summer while you’re away, your smart thermostat could reply to the temperature change by making sure your home is cooled in the most efficient way possible—automatically!

If any of these points sound like they could improve your life, don’t hesitate to call us about smart thermostat installation today!

Curious about a smart thermostat? Call Sullivan Service Co today!

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