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Get Smart! Ditch Your Old Thermostat Technology

studio shot of modern thermostatAre you looking to boost the efficiency of your HVAC system this fall? A simple and effective option is upgrading your thermostat. Most homes now are equipped with a digital thermostat or even a WiFi thermostat, but you should take the next step and install a smart thermostat in Birmingham, AL. Smart thermostats are designed to learn how you like to heat and cool your home and work with you rather than forcing you to work around their limitations like other thermostats. Upgrading your thermostat is the best way to improve the quality of your home.

What’s A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a thermostat system that’s able to observe and learn your climate control habits over time. Are you someone that leaves your home and arrives back around the same time every day? Do you like to sleep in a cold room at night? Do you set your thermostat to the same temperature every day during the winter months? A smart thermostat makes note of all these details and begins to anticipate your needs over time.

If you leave for work at 7 a.m. and arrive home around 6 p.m. every day your smart thermostat will shut down your HVAC system shortly after you leave and turn it on again right before you come home. This saves you lots of time, money, and energy.

 “But, Why Should I Upgrade?”

We get this question a lot. Homeowners almost unanimously agree that the features listed above sound nice, but they don’t see why they should switch out a thermostat that works perfectly fine for a new smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can benefit you in several ways.

  • It Saves You Energy: Would you like to lower your home’s energy bill during our cold winter months? Install a smart thermostat! Smart thermostats have advanced options that analyze your energy usage over time and highlight opportunities for you to save money on energy costs.
  • Remote Access: Have you ever preprogrammed your digital thermostat and then had a change in plans for the day? You might have scheduled your digital thermostat to switch on and start heating your home at 6 p.m. but then decide to go out to dinner with friends—you’re wasting energy unnecessarily. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world with WiFi. If your plans change, you can simply pull out your phone, open an app, and change your home’s temperature—smart thermostats account for the unexpected.
  • It Saves You Money: Most people have no idea how to actually use their thermostat. While it seems that you can get by without knowing how to accurately use your thermostat, it costs you money in the long run. The beauty of a smart thermostat is that it takes away the guesswork. Your smart thermostat works for you rather than just merely switching on and off your HVAC system.

Contact Gas Engineers if you’re interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat. We work with the best brands available on the market and understand how to match your home with the right thermostat for your needs.

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