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Why You Need a Fall Furnace Tune-Up

We’ve had a long summer here in Mountain Brook, AL and temperatures are finally starting to cool off. Don’t wait until we’re in the midst of winter to have a furnace tune-up—schedule one now in fall. We encounter many homeowners that are hesitant to schedule fall maintenance because they don’t realize how beneficial this simple service is. When you need a tune-up, you need a reliable team to perform this service for you. If you’re looking for superior furnace services in Mountain Brook, AL, then contact our team. If you would like to know why a fall furnace tune-up is so beneficial, keep reading below.

The Benefits of a Fall Tune-Up

Guaranteed Comfort

Scheduling a fall tune-up helps you spot and rectifying any problems in your heating system before they become system threatening issues. Schedule an appointment with our team to have the trained eye of a technician assess your test, repair any issues, and test all the functionalities of your heater before we get to the winter season when it’s an absolute necessity.

Longer System Lifespan

When you make sure to maintain your furnace, you’ll prolong your system’s lifespan. The average furnace can last you anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Maintaining this long lifespan is contingent upon maintenance. If you don’t get annual maintenance on your furnace, this number decreases each year and your system becomes vulnerable. Maintenance helps in the long run, so make sure you call annually.

Avoid Repair Costs

Unfortunately, HVAC repair needs are bound to happen in every homeowner’s life. The frequency at which these repair needs arise is reduced when you schedule annual maintenance. Annual maintenance is an opportunity for a professional to assess your system and address any issues before these problems escalate in severity. Maintenance is the difference between a quick tune-up and extensive, inconveniencing repairs.

Save Money

Don’t hesitate to schedule a fall tune-up because you don’t want to spend the money. This quick service will actually save you money. A tune-up saves you money because it ensures that your system is running at full capacity. When your furnace runs inefficiently, it costs more because the system has to work harder to provide a basic level of heating. If your heater is inefficient, you’ll notice the effect of this inefficiency in your heating bill. Luckily here at Gas Engineers, we provide thorough and affordable furnace tune-ups.

Join Our Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is a preventative measure that ensures the efficacy of your system. Make sure your home is ready before winter rolls in and sign up for our maintenance program. The Comfort Zone Maintenance Agreement includes:

  • A 13-point heating and cooling system analysis
  • A visit two times a year
  • A reminder from our team to schedule an appointment so you never miss out
  • Priority service over non-members

Choose Gas Engineers

Homeowners in the area know that when they need excellent service, they need the expertise of Gas Engineers. We’ve serviced the Greater Birmingham Area since 1959. We understand the needs of homeowners in this area and we’re dedicated to satisfying our customers.

If you need a furnace tune-up this fall, contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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