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Warning Signs You Need a New Furnace


Are you having trouble with your furnace this winter? Lots of homeowners we encounter here at Gas Engineers tend to placate themselves—they can live with that weird rattling noise that happens whenever they turn the unit on and they’ll get used to the fact that there’s only a meek trickle of air flowing out of their vents. You don’t have to do this though! We know why so many homeowners shy away from getting the work they need to be done, repair services are very expensive, but here at our company, we know how to provide amazing heating services at very reasonable prices. If you need Birmingham furnace services, contact our team. We’re committed to going above and beyond your heating needs.

Early Signs that You Might Need an Upgrade

There are many signs that you might need a new furnace system for your home. Here are some problems that you should note when you experience them.

Odd Noises: Any noise that isn’t the unobtrusive sound of air rushing through your vents can be classified as “odd,” but common odd noises that you’ll hear from your furnace system are banging, rattling, clanking, squeaking, or squealing. All of these sounds can indicate a problem with your furnace. The only way to determine exactly what’s wrong with your system is to have a professional come to your home and assess your system in detail. If you’re hearing any of these noises, don’t just drown them out, contact our team today.

Rising Energy Bills: Have you noticed that your heating bills are a little higher than you’re used to? Take a look at a few of your recent heating bills and compare them to some older heating bills, (preferably bills from this same time last year), notice that there’s a significant rise? It’s likely due to heating inefficiency.

If you’re experiencing high heating bills, it’s likely that the problems that you’re experiencing will only get worse with time and lead to other problems within your system.

Excessive Dust: Do you notice that you’re always dusting your home? This is a small problem with your heating system that you might not even note as a problem initially or even notice. But this seemingly small annoyance is typically due to a problem with your furnace system. If you find yourself dusting all the time, it’s probably because your furnace system is unable to efficiently cycle air throughout your home. An upgrade will help you avoid these problems.

You Have Frequent Repair Needs: The biggest sign that you need a furnace upgrade is that you have very frequent furnace repair needs. If you have a repair need every heating system or just have a repair need more than once every few years, then you probably need a new furnace system for your home. Frequent repairs aren’t cost-effective. If you fall into this category, you should shift your focus from repair to replacement and allocate your funds accordingly.

If you need to upgrade your furnace this winter, contact our team here at Gas Engineers. We have the right knowledge, tools, and resources to keep you warm throughout winter.

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