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How Zone Controlled Heating Benefits You

Are you looking to have more precise heating in your home? If so, you should consider zone-controlled heating. In a perfect world, your home would be perfectly constructed and set on the perfect piece of land so that you’d never have to deal with uneven heating, but unfortunately, the world isn’t a perfect place. There are so many factors that affect the heating of your home. When you need a Pelham HVAC contractor, look no further than Gas Engineers. Our team is comprised of technicians that are extensively trained, have vast amounts of experience in the field, and always arrive prepared to service you.

What Affects Your Heating?

When you’re thinking about what affects your heating you’re probably just thinking about the health of your heater and maybe the cleanliness of your vents. But there are many other things that influence a room’s temperature like:

  • The directions that your windows face
  • The amount of insulation in your home
  • The amount of shade over your home
  • The number of heat-producing appliances in a room

Zoned heating allows you to counteract the negative effects that work against your heating system.

So What Is A Zone Control System?

Zone controlled systems are a newer technology that uses multiple thermostats and dampers throughout your ducts to bring heat to the places you need it most. Zone controlled heating is useful if you have a home that two stories or just a home that receives vastly different forces of net heat in different areas of your home.

In a standard heating set up, you have one thermostat to control your entire home. If this thermostat is placed in your downstairs hallway, then your upstairs bedrooms might not receive the most accurate levels of heating possible. A zone-controlled system battles against different temperatures in your home by setting up several individual thermostats in varying areas of your home so that the entire space is heated evenly.

The Advantages

So what are the concrete benefits of a zone-controlled system?

Energy Efficiency

When you heat your home with the same amount of heating throughout your space, you’re wasting energy. Just like some areas naturally remain a little colder, some remain a little hotter and don’t need the same amount of added heat by your HVAC systems. With a zone-controlled system, you can channel more heat into areas that run cold and ease off of areas that run hot.


When you save energy in the ways mentioned above, then you’ll save money on your energy bills. Zoned heating helps you heat only where you need it rather than heating indiscriminately.

Longer Lifespan

When you only have one thermostat in your home, your heater is often overworked trying to heat such a large space with vastly different heating needs. The frequent cycling on and off and the struggle to heat your space creates a large amount of wear and tear on your system. Zoned systems operate more accurately and put much less strain on your heating system.

If you’re considering a zone controlled system then make sure that you contact our team of professionals here at Gas Engineers.

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