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“Topping Off” AC Refrigerant and Other Common AC Myths

myths-or-facts-concept-with-business-woman-hand-drawing-on-blackboardIt’s summertime, which means the temperatures are high and you’re relying on your air conditioning system more than ever. We get a lot of service calls this year at our company and hear a lot of common misconceptions about the way an air conditioning system works. We want to take the opportunity today to debunk several common myths about your air conditioning.

Air conditioning has been around for quite some time but many homeowners still can’t decipher fact from fiction. We understand this though—most homeowners limit their contact with their AC to turning it on and off rather than delving into the inner workings of this system. If you’re looking for any kind of AC service in Birmingham, AL, contact our team today. We’ll perform flawless services and make sure that you’re informed every single step of the way.

Don’t Believe These AC Myths

We’re here to set the record straight. Don’t fall for any of the following AC myths.

Your Thermostat Isn’t That Important

So many homeowners understand their thermostat as a glorified on/off switch. We want you to understand that your thermostat is so much more than this. Your thermostat is one of the most important parts of your air conditioning system. Instead of thinking of your thermostat as a switch, think of your thermostat as the brain of your AC system. It’s the starting point of your entire cooling process. You press one mere button on your thermostat and the entire system is set into motion. If your thermostat is old, out of date, or simply placed in a bad spot, it’s time to contact our professionals.

Your AC Refrigerant Needs to be Refilled

This is such an egregious air conditioning myth that it made its way into the title of this blog post! You should never have to “top off” or “refill” your air conditioner’s refrigerant. If your air conditioning system is healthy you should never have to think twice about your refrigerant levels. Your air conditioner runs from an electric power source. It doesn’t use the refrigerant in this system to power the unit so it should never run out. The only time you’ll ever lose refrigerant is due to a leak in your system. If you notice that you’re losing cooling power due to depleted refrigerant levels, call our technicians for air conditioning repair.

Closing Vents Helps You Save Money/ Energy

If you’re closing vents in certain rooms because you don’t want to “waste” cool air, energy, or money on these spaces, you’re actually doing your home a disservice. It might feel like you’re doing your air conditioning system of favor by closing off these spaces but you’re actually making the job of your air conditioning system much harder. Closing off vents throws off the balance of air distribution in your home. Keeping your vents open will help your air conditioning system perform efficiently. If you want “zoned” heating or cooling ask our team about ductless systems.

Don’t trust anyone other than Sullivan Service Co for your air conditioning repair services. Contact us today.

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